So, having recently been dealing with problems regarding a certain old acquaintance with a history of violent behaviour and "praying for me" when he isn't being a crazy bad person, I've been wanting to make some little charms to make me, my loved ones, and my home feel safer.

Drawing inspiration from the Spiral Goddess poppets I've seen, I have been making little stuffed Goddess poppets that call forth the Goddess in her aspect as the Mother.  The complete poppets I've made have some very personal runes and symbols on them, which I won't share here, but I have made a blank, unstuffed poppet to give you an idea.  This was my prototype for the pattern.


The image is sideways, and I apologise.  The circle in her womb would, in a completed poppet, contain a symbol or rune indicating the item/person I want the poppet to act upon.  Of course, where I want her to act upon someone other than myself I would require their consent; for example, I made a poppet like this for my partner yesterday.  On her brow, I would then embroider a rne or symbol denoting her purpose.  Finally, I would stuff her with herbs and items relevant to the intent.  She could then be hung in the house or kept in one' possession as required.

Being an invocation of the Goddess as Mother, this poppet could be used as protective, nurturing, to aid fertility or to promote positive sexual or emotional intimacy, depending on the details added.

Just in case, here's a copy of the pattern!


Just click on the image to enlarge it, print it at the size you want and use as sewing/embroidery guide.