Oh my, yes.

This is something I have to deal with so often, and I the way it is explained here.  But I would also point out that, far from even failing to apologise when men discover that they are trying to lecture me on a subject I already understand, they can actually become quite aggressive and angry if I dare disagree, or assert my own opinion.

A little personal anecdata for you;

In the pub with family, my parents strike up a conversation with a random guy who turns out to be a great lover of popular science.  He starts telling me all about hsi pet theory regarding the pyramids and space aliens and the manner in which they were built, and mentions something that breaks the law of physics.  I try to advise him that one aspect of his theory might not actually be physically possible.

"I really like that idea, but the forces in effect at that sort of velocity would not-"

"And what the fuck would you know about it, any way?"

"It's just that what you're suggesting would break the laws of-"

"You think you fucking know more than me about this?  How the fuck do you figure that?"

"Well, I did study astrophysics."


What amazed me in that conversation was just how aggressive this guy got.  I hadn't done what I was supposed to do.  Women being spoken to, especially about anything involving science or engineering or other "manly" type things are supposed to be quiet.  We are supposed to coo and wow and show awe and respect for the brilliant ideas that the speaking man has.  We aren't supposed to have opinions, or know anything about the subject, and certainly aren't supposed to disagree.  Somehow, this guy didn't see my response as, say, engaging in debate, but as some sort of threat.  At least, that's the only explanation I can think of for the manner in which he started shouting at me, pointing his finger and swearing.

And then when I politely informed him that, actually, I was qualified to discuss a physics-related matter with someone on an equal level, and not be a passive vessel for his brain-seed, he just stopped talking to me, turned away, and started talking to someone else.

Fair enough, maybe he didn't want to debate.  Perhaps this guy was so used to speaking about this sort of thing and getting nothing but "wows" that this was all he was interested in.  If that was the case, then there was still no need for that display of aggression.

I know many, many men who are wonderful people, but all too often even the really great guys prefer to talk at women, rather than with them.  And it is impossible to engage in any sort of reasoned debate, or make any progress in understanding each other, so long as women are expected to shut up and defer to the wisdom of those with testicles.

Observe any group that consists solely of women, and the manner in which they will communicate.  Interruptions yes, but nothing aggressive, and everyone will likely interject wit their own opinions and things to say.  Then observe what happens when a man sits down to join in.  Within a short period, he will be speaking most of the time while the women are silent.  The women don't necesarily shut up automatically, but after they are talked over a few times and their opinions shut out, they tend to just give up.

Also, see here for a great way to possibly help avoid this sort of shit.  A really great post by a male feminist that specifies discussing rape and fear with women, but could easily be extended to any instance where men and women are talking about a subject, and the man assumes he knows more than she does.